Whether it is a residential project, an office building, highway or railway structure or an industrial technological plant, we provide all of the geodetic services for project preparation and implementation and the documentation for the actual rendering.


For engineering projects, we offer measuring services where standard metrology tools are insufficient for large and complex spatial layouts. Our high-precision measurements can be applied in engineering and industry, even healthcare.

Power engineering and distribution

Our work involves creating maps, assessing proprietary relationships and measuring and preparing 3D materials. During and after project implementation, we document the actual rendering according to the administrative directives.

State and local government

We supply state organizations and government bodies with maps (technical and specialized maps), building passports and geographic information systems. A major part of our services involves the land register and examining proprietary relationships as well as civil engineering design work.

Land register

We prepare large maps and geometric plans for dividing land parcels, establish easements and demarcate property lines to manage the land register documentation. Land register work is one of the core areas of our business.

Architecture and design

To assist architects and designers, we prepare study materials and implementation documentation. We also offer the services of our own civil engineering design group.