Installation of technologies and components

  • Checks for construction site readiness
  • Determination of positions for machinery
  • Establishment of components for research, scientific and medical technologies

Correction of production lines

  • Levelling of foundation thresholds and frames
  • Rectification of machine components
  • Alignment checks for cylinders, spacing, limits
  • Positioning machinery into exact alignment along production lines

Inspection of manufacturing jigs and moulds

  • Setting manufacturing jigs
  • Inspection of moulds
  • Checks for assembly and welding templates

Workshop measurements of steel structures

  • Control measurements for geometric parameters of individual components
  • Measurement of workshop assemblies
  • Calculations and transformations to connect subsequent components
  • Data export for assembling construction sites

Product inspection

  • Control measurements of our own production
  • Inspection of semi-finished goods: castings, weldments, workpieces
  • Position measurement of openings and bores