Project materials

  • Planimetric and altimetric measurements
  • Communication with utility operators (standpoints)
  • Inclusion of land register maps
  • Orthophoto maps
  • Creation of digital terrain models

Building surveying

  • Demarcation of spatial layout of buildings
  • Detailed demarcation of structural elements
  • Measurement during the installation and fitting of components

Documentation of actual rendering

  • Control measurements, including calculation of deviations from design
  • Measurement of actual rendering
  • Complete processing according to the guidelines and regulations of the future owner or administrator

ÚOZI (officially authorized surveying engineer) services

  • Consulting and expert advice
  • Coordination and supervision of geodetic work on large projects
  • Authorization of surveying results
  • Designs for performing geodetic work
  • Check and authorization of surveying documentation

Building and structure checks

  • Checks of proposals and designs
  • Production of tracepoints
  • Measurement of settling and tilt
  • Assessment of deviations