Engineering geodesy

We conduct all types of engineering geodesy work and provide comprehensive geodesic services at construction sites, including site preparation, our own construction services, and inspection of already completed constructions.


Our high-precision measurement services have universal applications in engineering, industry and healthcare.

Land register

Land register work is one of the major areas our company specializes in. We draft geometric plans to divide lots, establish easements, stake out property boundaries and prepare materials for owner declarations.

3D building documentation

Using modern technologies such as 3D scanners, we can quickly obtain comprehensive data for buildings or areas and then use this data to create 3D documentation. These technologies can be used for technical design work and landmark documentation.

Geographic information systems (GIS)

We collect (measure), process and implement data for all types and formats of geographic information systems. We cooperate directly with information system suppliers to provide software solutions that fully meet the design needs of our clients.


For civil engineering projects, we offer design work at all levels, prepare building passports for existing buildings (construction and technical documentation) and deliver fire safety designs.

Sales and service of geodetic instruments

Our company has been a dealer and authorized service centre in the Czech Republic for Swiss measurement equipment manufactured by Leica Geosystems AG. for many years.